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MDPE Extraction Services
Alliance is an Industry Leader for providing turnkey MDPE events. With 10 years of hands on experience and tens of thousands of hours of extraction performed, Alliance is ready to help you reach your goal of site closure. Alliance utilizes a highly effective vacuum source and has demonstrated the ability to extract free product, contaminated ground water, and volatile organics laden soil vapor to depths of 95 ft. BGS. Alliance offers comprehensive groundwater treatment for compliance with TPDES/NPDES permits on our 7-day and 30-day units.

MDPE is also known as Mobile Multiphase Extraction (MMPE), Aggressive Fluid Vapor Recovery (AFVR), Mobile Vacuum Enhanced Recovery (MVER), Vacuum-Enhanced Extraction (VER), as well as other terms throughout the US.
8, 24, and 72 hour Events with Soil Vapor Thermal Treatment

7 & 30 day MDPE Events with Soil Vapor & Groundwater Treatment
A high vacuum system is applied below the LNAPL in an affected well to simultaneously remove combinations of free product, contaminated soil vapor, and contaminated groundwater from the subsurface. Total fluids are either separated and treated or collected for offsite disposal. Hydrocarbon vapors are destroyed at a high temperature within a Thermal Oxidizer.

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