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Soil Sampling and Direct Push Drilling
Track mounted Geoprobe® 6620DT with auguring capability. Highly maneuverable equipment with ability to operate in remote areas.

4x4 Truck mounted Geoprobe® 6610DT for rugged terrain or swampy areas.

*NEW* - LIMITED ACCESS PROBE Dolly mounted Geoprobe® 4220 32” wide clearance giving ability to maneuver through 36” commercial doorways. Low height clearance for low ceilings.
- Continuous soil sampling with the MC5 series of tools. 4 foot samples collected in clear poly sample liners.

- Continuous or Discreet soil sampling with the DT32 dual tube sampling system. 4’ samples collected in clear poly sample liners.

- Conversion of soil borings to 1” monitor wells. Fast installation of 1” monitor and injection wells via 3.25” casing with expendable points.

- Installation of 2” monitor wells via hollow stem augur. Flush well vaults or protected above grade completions.

Other drilling and sampling related services:

- Well rehabilitation
- Well pad replacement and repairs
- Air knifing
- Hydrovac
- Hand auguring

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