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About Alliance Maintenance & Services, Inc.

Alliance was founded in 1998 and started in the Petroleum Retail market as a service provider for dispenser, tank, and communications installation and service. Seeing a need for mitigating leaking underground storage tank sites Alliance responded and built the first Oxy-Vac MDPE unit in 2000. Since then 11 Oxy-Vac units have been commissioned and served sites all over Texas. In 2007 Alliance acquired a small drilling and in-situ injection firm and focused the company’s efforts on the safe delivery of environmental remediation services.  Alliance crews have completed over 5,000 MDPE events.  Over 1,000,000 gallons of reagents have been injected by our In-Situ Groundwater and Soil Treatment teams.  Our Drilling and Specialized Sampling crews have logged over 10,000 feet of borings and well installations.  Alliance has completed over 125 remediation system installations and continues to provide system repairs, expansion and diagnostic services.  We are currently leasing short term and long term systems.  Alliance prides itself on being innovative and being able to “think outside the box” to help you solve your environmental problems. 

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