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Providing Environmental Remediation Solutions for your Soil & Groundwater
Alliance is an Environmental Remediation Contractor focused on eliminating subsurface contamination. Our Clients are consulting engineers, geologists, and scientists working in the industrial, refining, O&G, Government, Insurance, Commercial, Real Estate, & Retail Markets.

Contaminates Removed or Treated: LNAPL, DNAPL, Phase Separated Hydrocarbons (PSH), VOC’s, CVOC’s, BTEX, Crude Oil, Condensate, Gasoline, Diesel, Bunker Oil, TPH, Benzene, Soil Vapor, Metals, Creosote, Dry-cleaning fluids, Solvents, Hexavalent chromium
Technologies Used: DPE, Thermal & Catalytic Oxidation, Vapor Liquid Separation, Air Stripping, Oil Water Seperation, Activated Carbon, Physical Filtration, Membrane Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Scale Control, Rapid Solution and Emulsion Mixing, High Pressure Pumping, Slurry Mixing & Pumping, Mobile treatment plants, Mobile Injection Plants

Places we work: Pipelines, Manufacturing Facilities, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Retail Gas Stations, Brownfield Redevelopements, Superfund Sites, Active and Former Dry Cleaners, Maritime Repair and Fabrication Yards, Railroads, Bulk Terminals, Compressor Stations, Commercial Business Centers

Regions Served: Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Alaska

Alliance Maintenance & Services Inc.
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